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My Shakin' PianoLukas Koeninger
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Lukas Koeninger
The Traveling Piano Man

Boogie, Blues & Rock'n'Roll

Sincerely yours,

"He is capable of transforming any bar room into a Louisiana Honky-Tonk!"

J.J. Cholbi - Jazz Pourpre Périgord

"Der Strassenmusiker mit dem 300-Kilo- Arbeitsgerät bringt die Leute zum Tanzen!" 

Alexander Paschinger -

Tiroler Tageszeitung

Lukas Koeninger
"Der 'Traveling Piano Man' aus Tirol erobert Südfrankreich!"

Tiroler Leut' Porträt, ORF 2

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Lukas Koeninger
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"Le prophète du boogie-woogie!"
  Rafael Dubourg - Journal Sud Ouest France

Born and raised in Austria, self taught Boogie-Woogie pianist Lukas Koeninger discovered his passion for music at the age of 17 when he accidently came across some LP records of Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Charles and Amos Milburn.


With patience and without any musical background he taught himself piano by listening to old records. Slowly he began to explore the world of piano Blues, Boogie-Woogie and Rock'n'Roll. With his move to southern France in 2015 he decided to realise his long-time dream and built his own traveling Boogie-Piano which opened up the way to a career as a street performer. 

Lukas Koeninger
Lukas Koeninger

Since then he travels trough parts of Europe and brings stomping rythms and swinging melodies to his audiences. Lukas also performs at various festivals such as the Laroquebrou Blues & Boogie Festival, Jazz Pourpre Bergerac, Two4Swing Dance, Vintage Days PX, Anjou Vélo Vintage, Douchapt Blues, Verteillac Boogie & Blues and many others.


In 2019 his first studio album 'My Plan B(oogie)' was released and received a tip of the hat by non other than his life long musical hero Mr. Jerry Lee Lewis himself. In spring 2021 his second studio album 'The Traveling Piano Man!' followed and was introduced to the public on the main radio station of Dordogne - France Bleu Perigord. 

"Lukas c'est notre Jerry Lee Lewis à nous!"
Radio France Bleu Perigord
Lukas Koeninger

In 2024 he published his first book which tells of his unusual life which he presented to his audience during a three-week tour through Switzerland, southern Germany and parts of Austria. It is titled: 'The Traveling Piano Man - My life as a street musician!'. Also in 2024, he realized another project and launched his own boogie-woogie festival

'Lukas' Boogie Stomp!', with international musicians as his guests on stage.

"Als ein Musikant auszog, um die Welt mit dem Piano zu erobern..."
Christoph Hablitzel, Oberländer Rundschau

Lukas Koeninger's journeys as 'The Traveling Piano Man' also took him to New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. He received a personal invitation from Judith Lewis to attend the official inauguration of her late husbands graveyard monument. Playing homage to his biggest musical idol, Lukas was the only European musician invited to this event.


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Lukas Koeninger

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